Paint Color

These words can send some people into a tailspin of indecision. “What if I choose the wrong one?”. The answer to that one is easy…..paint it again!

Painting your homes’ interior isn’t a permanent decision, so take comfort. But it can get pricey if you’re not a do-it-yourselfer. One way to combat the fear (and potential cost) associated with the looming color question is to bring in a professional. Not to mention that those dreaded little 2x2 squares of color at most paint stores is hardly enough to make a decision to paint your entire living room crimson red!

Choosing a color palette for your home is simple once you understand the rules and break free from your mama’s advice to ‘stick with beige, dear’. Our job is to understand your lifestyle and your design direction. Once a color palette is chosen, all the elements, large or small, will fall into place. You’ll find that choosing fabrics for your upholstery and selecting rugs will become manageable, once the main color selections are finalized.

Faux Finish

View the various faux finish samples to spark your imagination, then give us call when you’re ready to talk about your project. We’re looking forward to helping you put your personal stamp on your home. View our current projects page for faux finshes we are using in homes.

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