Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the first thing I need to know about working with an interior designer?

A: Communication is key. The first step is to communicate your desires, vision, budget and anything else relating to your project. Dislikes and certain no-no’s (such as “I hate paisley!”) are equally important in helping your designer assess your project parameters. A good designer will do more listening and asking questions than talking!

Q: With the advent of HGTV and other decorating shows, can’t I just get the information I need from them and do things myself?

A: You can certainly gather ideas from these types of programs and even from magazines and websites. But when it comes to developing a cohesive plan for your homes’ interior spaces, you can save a lot of time and money by bringing in a professional to pull it all together. (Remember, those programs are developed, produced and executed by professional designers.) In reality, bringing paint colors, furniture, fabrics and space planning together into a well developed and beautiful conclusion doesn’t happen in 30 minutes!

Q: I need several different things done in my home; wallpapering my bedroom, a small bathroom remodeled and I’d like a faux finish in my kitchen. Can you help me with all these projects?

A: Yes! From design conception to completion, we can tackle any home interior design project through our exclusive network of professional workrooms and contractors. At our direction and with our supervision, we can complete the above tasks for you in addition to space planning, real estate staging, color consultation, custom window treatments and many other services. Our experience in various aspects of design and remodeling allow us to expand our services to include more than just selling typical designer fabrics and furniture.

Q: Isn’t it expensive to hire a designer?

A: From our experience, we have discovered that many clients who did not hire a designer before they began their project, wish they had. Costly mistakes can be avoided by working with a professional who knows the industry, has relationships with skilled craftsmen and workrooms, is familiar with design, scale, color and a host of other details that a layperson may not be able to address satisfactorily.

Q: How do you charge for your services?

A: After our initial consultation with you, we assess the scope of your project and make recommendations according to your budget, timeframe and other details. Some clients prefer to pick and choose the time they spend with an interior designer and pay by the hour. Others like to work from a retainer scenario or a project fee or cost-plus approach. Fees are really determined on a case by case basis. We do not have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ concept.

Q: Do you require that I buy products from you or can I just hire Custom Decorator for design services?

A: There is no requirement to buy products from us. If you have a favorite local fabric store, furniture retailer or painting contractor and just need help choosing colors, styles and putting a plan together so you can make your own purchases, we are more than happy to help. You would just contract with us for design services. (We can also work with your contractor if you are building a home or remodeling.) If your preference is to purchase ‘to-the-trade-only’ fabrics, furniture and accessories, we can certainly assist you with exclusive designer lines as well. We even have personal shopping services for busy clients who travel extensively or have large projects to complete. Our goal is to be flexible and customize our services to suit your needs….remember we are the Custom Decorator!

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