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"An Entirely New Look"

I have really enjoyed working with you. In the past I have not felt comfortable with a designer's help because they normally want the entire room redone and also I have felt that the "look" is not my own. I want to go into that room and feel like I did it- put it together with my taste and with objects that have meaning to me. Working with you has been great because for the first time I found someone who will help me realize my thoughts and ideas on how I want the finish room to look. You have helped me express myself through fabric and color and furniture arrangement that is me! The room I have just completed with you feels like a part of me. From the first time you walked in and spent time listening to me about my ideas and the fact that you helped me accent what I had (the furniture) but give it an entirely new look, I knew we could work together.

The second thing I need to note about working with you is that you did not rush me to make a decision, whether that was fabric, colors or even accessories. You let me work through it again the look and arrive at "my comfort" level and my timeline. I told you from the beginning I could not accomplish everything in one order and you stuck with me as we worked through getting the room repainted, fabric selection, pillows, new bed linens - and now 6 months later the room is almost complete. Ready to put the pictures back up and maybe a new lamp or new wall accessory and we will be complete.

Thank you so much. I have gone into the room all weekend and I love it. Better yet I have shown it to my neighbors and also now my sister has arrived and everyone loves the colors, original curtain design and all the fabrics!

Thank You
Kathy K.

"Fun, Interesting Person of Integrity"

For 3 years I walked in and out of stores...from chains to franchises to locally owned high end stores and actually approached an artisan...asking for help in creating a little dream I had...a mommy's lair (read "oversized master bedroom morphs into a multifunctional reading, media and sleeping room")...I walked in with swatches and folders of things and styles I liked. I walked through stores saying I like this, I like that. The response was lackluster at best. Out of all the searching I did and the people I met, only one, perhaps sensing a nice commission in the offing, offered to come to my home. And then she presented me with a sketch and pieces that SHE liked.

Than came Laura. She listened. She reviewed. She came out. She measured. She called. She asked details. She dutifully looked at all the swipes I had collected and dreamed with me. She noticed what was already in my house. She heard me say I have 3 small kids. And then she presented me with 2 plans and together we selected the pieces and the fabrics.

I bought a truckload or so of furnishings and home accessories from Laura because she actually cared what my room looked like and she wanted it to be mine. She never once complained when she had to redo things, check on one more thing, handle an ornery vendor who shipped late, even come over and help me shuffle things from our plan. She gave me the benefit of her knowledge while somehow channeling herself into my dream of the room that would become my sanctuary inside my home.

Not only that, and this is the best part, Laura is just a fun, interesting person of integrity. We shared many laughs and enjoyed each other's company as we worked on this project together. I have one piece of advice....hire her.

Teresa R.
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

"Pleasure to Work With"

I worked with a decorator on my house in Wilmington and when I moved to Raleigh, I needed to find someone to help me with my new home.  I came across Laura by way of my real estate agent and it has proved to be a great experience.  She has been very diligent to follow up with me on projects and is in tune with everything we’re working on.  Laura has a great way of listening to my desires and then bringing it all together.  She is a pleasure to work with, for sure.

Patty G.
Raleigh, NC


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