Window Treatments

Festoon, Lambrequin, Jabot…..fancy words, but what do they mean? The design staff at Custom Decorator can help you sort through the jargon of window treatment terminology. Window treatments can range from the simplest swag over a pole to the most grandiose design for the most formal of rooms. We can help you discover the right design, detail, fabric and hardware that is appropriate for your budget and style.

Fabrics can range from light upholstery to the finest silk and details that make one treatment stand out from the ordinary is like that special piece of jewelry that makes an outfit complete. Fringe, tassels, and classical gilt hardware might work perfectly in your formal living room, but something simple like plain velvet panels on a rod with chunky rings might be in order for the family room. Scroll through these window treatments to whet your appetite for the final design element that will bring your room to a beautiful conclusion.

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